The Invictus FC Community Trust (YSD) is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing young people – from various socio-economic backgrounds – with the opportunity to participate in soccer programs and initiatives that will enhance their skills, self-esteem, confidence, and overall physical health.

Unfortunately, many young aspiring players throughout Central New York fail to receive the opportunity to practice, play games, or attend tournaments/events, due to various barriers of participation. Therefore, the aim of the Invictus FC Community Trust is to provide funding that enables more young people with the chance to participate in the sport they love.

The Invictus FC Community Trust (YSD) works with different partner organizations, and grant-awarding bodies, to help fund a variety of soccer-related opportunities for young people in the area. We also rely on the generous donations of business and families in the local communities to help support the programs and initiatives we deliver.

Our overall objective is to ensure that the Invictus FC Community Trust remains a well-established organization which is known throughout the local communities for providing first-class soccer opportunities to people who ordinarily would not receive the chances to experience such situations. We are confident – that through continuous support and drive – we will accomplish this goal!