New Year's Day Tournament Registration Form
Our annual Holiday Tournament takes place on New Year's Day, January 1st from 8:00am to 12:00pm (Open to 2008-2013 players) and 12:00pm-4:00pm (Open to 2003-2007 players) at Sportcenter 481. This tournament works as follows: Individual players sign up using this form and get assigned to a team which plays in a division based upon age and readiness. If you are signing up with a friend, as a group, or you would like to participate with your team, please let us know in the comment/request text box available below in the registration. Tournament fee is $40 per player, payments must be made upon completing this registration form via our secure online payment portal to reserve your place. If you have not participated in this type of event before, and you have any questions, please send them to: info@invictusfc.comPlease provide the following information below to register for this Tournament: