Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well! 

This message concerns the Invictus FC U11 Boys and the plans for the 2022/23 season. Please take a few moments to read this important information. 

First, we would like to commend everyone connected with the Invictus FC U11 Boys team (players, families, and coaches) for an excellent 2021/22 season. There is no question the boys have made further fantastic strides – and the camaraderie and team spirt among the boys is great to witness. We are sure further progress will ensue if the boys continue to show the same level of commitment, desire, and work-rate! 

Now, obviously, as an organization we must plan for the competitive 2022/23 season, ensuring the roster is solid and we have an idea of what leagues and tournaments we will be entering. That said, if you are receiving this message, we are pleased to say it is because your son has been offered a roster place on what will be the Invictus FC U12 Boys team for the 2022/23 competitive season

If everyone does accept their roster spot – with the addition of two new players lately – the Invictus FC U12 Boys’ team will be looking very solid next season, and we will only have a couple of roster places available, which we will be aiming to fill after the Player Evaluation/Tryouts take place in early July. 

*Important – we need to establish which players want to keep their roster places for the 2022/23 season before the Player Evaluation/Tryouts take place. Therefore, please complete the competitive 2022/23 season registration form (by clicking here) by Friday, July 1st. PLEASE CHECK ‘U12’ BOYS’ AS THE TEAM YOUR SON HAS BEEN INVITED TO JOIN FOR THE 2022/23 SEASON

We have also already received numerous emails and Player Evaluation sign-ups from families who want their sons to join the Invictus FC competitive teams next season – so if current Invictus FC rostered players do not accept their roster places for the 2022/23 season by July 1st, roster places – for next season’s Invictus FC U12 Boys’ team – will be offered to new players. 

In addition, and importantly, it is crucial that ALL CURRENT Invictus FC players try to attend the Player Evaluation/Tryouts in July. First, if the boys are in attendance, it’s much easier to evaluate potential new additions to the roster in both small-sided and expansive game formats. Second, with current players in attendance, we can assess how the roster is going to look like as a collective unit moving into the 2022/23 season and – third – these Player Evaluation/Tryouts are akin to extra free practices during the transition between spring and summer sessions; it makes sense to take advantage of these additional opportunities! Please be aware that players are invited to Player Evaluation/Tryouts ALL DATES!

*The dates for the Player Evaluation/Tryouts in July can be viewed by clicking here. Please note you are NOT required to complete the Player Evaluation/Tryouts registration form, but we do require players to check Player Evaluation/Tryouts availability in TeamSnap. The dates and times for these events can already be viewed in TeamSnap. 

We are also pleased to announce that Coach Wyatt Scott will again be the Head Coach for the Invictus FC U12 Boys’ team next season – and we know that the boys have struck up a great relationship with Coach Wyatt. Coach Wyatt enjoys working with this team and we know he will do a great job guiding and inspiring them throughout the 2022/23 season. In addition, we are pleased to say that Tom Ladd will remain in his role at Team Manager. Tom has also done a fantastic job from the administrative and communication perspectives, and we know he will continue to do an excellent job moving forward. 

We will be sitting down with both Coach Wyatt and Tom in the next couple of weeks to map out the 2022/23 season for the boys. As always, we want to ensure the boys are being challenged appropriately in the league and tournament play they will enter. We do have two or three potential new and exciting events on the agenda too – so once we have sat down with Coach Wyatt and Tom to discuss things, Tom will communicate with you all regarding the planned schedule for the 2022/23 season. 

Finally, regarding the short-term, the current spring session practices end on June 29th and the current spring session games (at Jones Rd.) will not be completed until the end of July. The Manchester United/Invictus FC Summer camp will take place at Sport Center 481 (July 18-22), and you can register for this exciting week of activities by clicking here

The practices for the final session of the 2021/22 season – which is the summer session – will commence at Sport Center 481 on Monday, July 25th and the practice dates can be seen by clicking here. The games for the summer session will commence in late summer (end of August/early September) and, like previous years, these games will take place at one of the local leagues. As a reminder, the final quarterly payment of the 2021-22 season is now due and can be made by clicking here

*Important– the 2022/23 season fees will remain consistent to what they have been for the 2021/22 season ($450.00 per player/per session). The first payment for the 2022/23 season will be due on September 1st. Families will have the options of paying season fees in full, making two half installments, or four quarterly payments throughout the season. 

We are looking forward to another great season with Coach Wyatt and the boys! Please email us at info@invictusfc.com if you have any further questions about anything! See you all soon!


Richard Shaw and Paul Mairs